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Arcadia Park

Extreme adventure

For adrenaline enthusiasts

Top 5 extreme adventure parks in Nayarit

Explore the excitement and nature that Nayarit has to offer; there’s something for everyone. Here are the top 5 parks that offer these types of activities so you can enjoy an extreme adventure on your next visit to our state.

Rancho mi chaparrita

1. Ojo de Cielo

Where adventure reaches new heights

Amidst the lush nature of San Blas, Sky’s Eye offers a unique combination of zip lines, hanging bridges, and activities that will make you feel like you’re touching the sky. From the top, you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

2. Arcadia Park

A challenge amidst waterfalls

Discover the thrilling experience at Arcadia Adventure Park, located in Real de Acuitapilco, Nayarit. This park offers activities such as zip lining, rappelling, horseback riding, paintball, and challenges on hanging bridges, all amidst nature and with the majestic Cascada de la Silla as a backdrop.

3. Rancho Mi chaparrita

Adventure in Nayarit’s nature

From the heart of Riviera Nayarit, Rancho mi Chaparrita will make you enjoy the most spectacular landscapes filled with jungles, rivers, and beaches, through water and land activities.

You’ll be able to practice surfing, canopying, hiking, zip-lining, motorcycling, sport fishing, whale watching, and end with a bang with a tequila tasting. Get ready for a unique experience!

4. La montaña

Where adventure takes you to new levels

La Montaña is the ideal destination for nature lovers and environmental education. With its breathtaking landscapes and challenging hiking trails, this natural park will take you to new levels of excitement and discovery.

You can also camp, engage in astronomical observation activities, birdwatching, and swim in a natural spring.

La montaña

5. Kilometro X

Extreme adventure in Nayarit

For the most daring, Kilometer X offers an extreme adventure experience that will test your limits. From thrilling ATV rides to rappelling descents, this park is designed for those seeking adrenaline-fueled thrills.

If you enjoy adrenaline and action, Kilometer X is the place where your adventure dreams come true.

Experience adventure in Nayarit, the unseen Mexico