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Bird watching

Nayarit is one of the states with the greatest variety of birds, housing more than 530 species, including 45 endemic ones.

You can go bird watching at any of the year, but it is between the months of November through March, when there are more species due their migration periods.

To engage in it you will need comfortable clothing, preferably camouflaged so that you blend in with the surroundings, and a hat to protect you from the sun. If possible, you can bring binoculars and a camera.

If you want to learn the most interesting facts, contact guides specialized in birds, they will tell you all the best spots for living the experience.

Certified tours and guides

311 166 1148

Whale watching

Nayarit is one of the few states in Mexico where you can go humpback whale watching.

The season begins in December and ends in March. It is between these months when the whales swim thousands of kilometers to give birth in the tropics and subtropics during the winter. That is why the warm and calm waters of Nayarit are ideal for them.

Visit San Blas, Compostela and Bahía de Banderas to live this experience and delight yourself in the most beautiful landscapes visited by humpback whales.

Awarded as the best aquatic experience in Nayarit by México Desconocido magazine in 2023.
We are ready to host you.

Certified tours and guides

Bahía de Banderas / Perlas del Pacífico Tours:
322 382 00 13
San Blas / Sartiaguin Tours y Expediciones
323 108 52 03 & 311 117 1123
Compostela / ECOMATA
323 118 4885

Turtle releasing

Nayarit has different turtle camps, where releases are carried out with the best protocols, and where people and specialists participate alike.

There are 8 species of turtles around the world, 7 of them reach Mexico, with 4 choosing the Nayarit coast to lay their eggs: Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, Black and Leatherback, all protected species.

The turtle release window occurs in the second half of the year, during the rainy season, when the beaches are filled with hundreds of little walking turtles looking for the sea.

Join us in this incredible experience of guiding them and discover how their adventure begins from the moment they break their shell to the day they return to our Nayarit coast.

Official contacts

Campamento Tortuguero el naranjo
322 168 5156