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parepente en el ceboruco

Sky adventures

Paragliding in Nayarit will be the experience of a lifetime!

No prior experience or knowledge is required to fly accompanied by a highly qualified instructor from Alas del Hombre, a company that performs flights throughout the year and knows the area of their headquarters perfectly.

With the high standards of quality, professionalism and certifications, you will get an unparalleled experience. The meeting spot is in Tecuitata, municipality of San Blas with the sea as a setting or in the active volcano of Ceboruco in the Magical Town of Jala.

Remember to bring with you glasses, comfortable running shoes (preferably boots), sunscreen and lots of love for the adventure. We'll provide the adrenaline!


Alas de hombre


Phone: 726 262 6382

Whatsapp: 722 254 1403