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Discovering Nayarit

Discover Nayarit in this set of video series

Traveling to Nayarit is a journey to discover the roots of a culture who embraces travelers in their land.

“Discovering Nayarit” is an audiovisual series that will take you through all the roads of the state; each one will lead us to a different town, and there we will get to know beautiful destinations: its people, its nature, its crafts, its architecture, its festivals, and its culture.

It will be a journey to the heart of its paradises, discovering peace and beauty; it will be walking through its streets and getting to know its art, and witnessing its artisans turn their craft into a beautiful spectacle; it will be meeting the men and women who, with their hearts, make their days a profession to preserve the traditions of an entire people. And, above all, it will be discovering a state so diverse, so full of folklore, history, and places of pleasure and adventure.

Visiting Nayarit is an adventure that will fill your spirit with fulfilling experiences.

“Discover Nayarit” will show you our state like you’ve never seen it before.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5