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Deportistas a punto de lanzarse en parapente

Soar Nayarit 2023

Parapente zurcando los cielos Nayaritas

Soar Nayarit 2023

The feat in the skies of the Mexican Pacific will be repeated.

This initiative, conceived in 2022, aims to show a new way of tourism in the region, extreme sports oriented. In it, experiences from the sky and the earth will merge around the natural landscapes of the state.


The Ministry of Tourism of the State of Nayarit has announced the dates on which the Vuela Nayarit 2023 event will take place. The convention centered around paragliding and extreme sports hopes to bring together dozens of international atendees in the skies of San Blas y Jala, from November 17th to 20th.

Paragliding is a parachute that takes off from the slopes of the mountains, then the pilots land on foot, without a motor, propelled by the air currents of the El Ceboruco volcano and Los Cocos beach, in Jala and San Blas, respectively.

Deportistas a punto de lanzarse en parapente

This year, two stages have been set where people will be able to admire these activities from inland. Registration is free for the interested and limited to a maximum of 60 people. The kit includes transportation to the takeoff area, dinner, a t-shirt and a participation certificate.

Parapente con logotipo de Nayarit estampado

The events will not be simultaneous. According to the information issued, on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th, the athletes will fly over the region of the El Ceboruco volcano.

Therefore on Sunday the 19th and Monday the 20th, the activities will be centered in the municipality of San Blas, with a take-off area in the coastal mountains, and landing at Playa Los Cocos.

Parapentista concentrado

This sporting event and natural attraction will be completely free for people who seek to spectate. The activities can be consulted through the official media of the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Nayarit.