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Del Nayar, Nayarit

Come and visit Del Nayar in Nayarit

Del Nayar, Nayarit’s best-kept treasure, hides within its paths the ancient history of this region.

Its festivities, traditions, and native cuisine create a series of scenarios that offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

Its population, mainly composed of indigenous Wixárika and Naayeri people, is part of the essence of this land, which, with its natural landscapes and mysticism, paves the way for tourism.

Points of Interest

Distance from Tepic
59.3 km
1,209 mts. above sea level
Ideal if you enjoy
Adventure, Ecotourism

How to get to Del Nayar

Geographically, this municipality is the largest in Nayarit, so there are various routes to get there. However, from the capital, you can take the road north and divert towards Jesús María, the municipal seat, once you’ve reached Ruiz.

Cuisine in Del Nayar

The native cuisine of this municipality is based on corn, so you can enjoy dishes based on this grain, as well as other types of proteins like venison, armadillo, and beef jerky.

Main Attractions

  • Semana Santa Cora
    The Naayeri people have combined their mysticism with the Catholic religion, so every Holy Week, they perform rituals where intoxicated men cleanse themselves in a ceremony not suitable for all eyes.
  • Unrepeatable Landscapes
    The landscapes offered by this municipality are full of nature and water, so visitors will find a different way to experience adventure tourism.

Climate in Del Nayar

The climate in the municipality is determined by the differences in altitude of the mountains. In most of the territory, especially in the southern extremity and in the lower regions to the northwest, the climate is warm, reaching extreme levels in the summer.

Accommodation in Del Nayar

Ahuacatlán has boutique hotels and hostels ready to welcome you in the municipal seat.