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Rosamorada, Nayarit

Come and Visit Rosamorada in Nayarit

A historical region located in the north of Nayarit.

Its name derives from the lush tree known as the clavelina, and it represents a significant part of our land’s cultural heritage.

Its role as a transit point transformed this place into the epicenter of many social movements, such as the struggle led by Manuel Lozada, whose efforts culminated in the founding of this municipality.

Points of Interest

Distance from Tepic
83 km
20-880 meters above sea level
Ideal if you enjoy
Culture, Historic Monuments

How to Get to Rosamorada

The nearest town is located 83 kilometers from the capital of Nayarit. Along the coastal area, you can enjoy tropical landscapes and an experience that is unique to the region.

Gastronomy of Rosamorada

Seafood and marine dishes prevail in this coastal location, so visitors can find fish, shrimp, octopus, oysters, and related dishes in various presentations. Similar dishes are part of the region’s identity.

Main Attractions

Being a place with a rich historical content, visitors can enjoy the historic center and the porticos of the main square, architectural gems that are typical of Mexican culture.

In addition:

  • Parish of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
  • Former Hacienda of Chilapa
  • Archaeological remains at the municipal presidency
  • Traditional Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Climate in Rosamorada

Due to its coastal location, the municipality of Rosamorada maintains warm and moderately humid climates most of the time. Visitors should stay hydrated.

Accommodation in Rosamorada

The range of hotel accommodations varies from comfortable spaces with all amenities to large houses and rooms adapted for this service.