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Santa María del Oro, Nayarit

Come and Visit Santa María del Oro in Nayarit

Nayarit also offers different options beyond beach tourism. In Santa María del Oro, you’ll find a mythical lagoon surrounded by forested landscapes, perfect for camping or spending a joyful afternoon at one of its restaurants.

This municipality is home to the best fish cracklings and has natural waterfalls that provide unbeatable natural settings, such as Real de Acuitapilco.

Its lagoon displays various shades of green, turquoise, or gray, depending on the time of day and the season. Water sports such as fishing, snorkeling, paddle surfing, boat rides, and kayaking are practiced here.

And for those seeking adventure, its hills and cliffs invite camping, rappelling, zip-lining, horseback riding, or simply strolling in the evenings and relaxing.

Points of Interest

Distance from Tepic
41.8 km
939 meters above sea level
Ideal if you enjoy
Nature, Adventures

Geography and Climate of Santa María del Oro

It is humid and hot, with heavy rains from June to October. The hottest months are from May to June, with moderate south winds. The hottest temperature is 22°C with rainfall ranging from 842 to 1,384.3 mm.

The area is covered with pine and oak forests, which occupy most of its territory. The flatlands have sparse vegetation. In much of the municipality, you can find species such as deer, puma, ocelot, armadillo, eagles, falcons, small rodents, and various aquatic species native to the region.

Getting to Santa María del Oro

It’s located 45 minutes from Tepic, taking the Tepic – Guadalajara highway.

Climate in Santa María del Oro

It is humid and hot almost all year round, with heavy rains from June to October. The hottest months are from May to June, and during winter, it offers cool and relaxing evenings. Due to its vegetation, it has pine and oak forests that cover most of its territory.

Main Attractions

  • Water sports on the lagoon.
  • Real de Acuitapilco Waterfall.
  • Visit the municipal seat.
  • Cascada de la Silla Waterfall
  • Santa María Resort Hotel
  • Arcadia Adventure Park

What to Eat in Santa María del Oro

Its traditional dishes include fish cracklings, cuachala (a type of mole with chicken), and capirotada, considered the best in Nayarit. Dining at one of the restaurants along the edge of the lagoon is highly recommended.

Accommodation in Santa María del Oro

Both the lagoon and the town offer hotels and bungalows to suit all tastes, from luxurious cabins to hostel-style hotels.