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Tecuala, Nayarit

Come and Visit Tecuala in Nayarit

Due to its coastal vocation, Tecuala is the must-visit municipality if you’re in search of seafood, beaches, and a tropical atmosphere.

Located just two hours from the state capital, this place offers visitors a wealth of opportunities for sun and beach tourism.

Points of Interest

Distance from Tepic
132 km
8 meters above sea level
Ideal if you enjoy
Beach, Nature, Adventure

How to Get to Tecuala

Located 132 kilometers from the state capital of Nayarit, the municipality of Tecuala is situated in the northern part of the state, specifically on the road leading to the border with Sinaloa.

Gastronomy of Tecuala

Being a beach municipality, the dishes and the diet in general are based on seafood. Shrimp in all its presentations and grilled fish are favorites among tourists.

In addition, in the area with bars, visitors can find a lively atmosphere, food, and plenty of festivities. Most of these establishments charge an entry fee in exchange for a variety of dishes.

Main Attractions

This municipality boasts the largest beach in Mexico, with a territorial extension of 160 kilometers, where tourists can explore remote and popular tourist areas.

  • El Novillero Beach
  • Cuautla Canal
  • Laguna Brava
  • Main Plaza
  • Church

Climate in Tecuala

The climate in the region is humid and sub-humid, with variable temperatures of up to 36 degrees Celsius in the summer and minimums of 18 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Accommodation in Tecuala

This municipality offers a varied range of hotel accommodations, depending on the region you visit. The capital region concentrates most of these services, and it depends on the prices that visitors are willing to pay.