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biodiversidad selva

Discover the natural beauty and diversity of ecosystems in Nayarit

biodiversidad playa

Discover the natural beauty and diversity of ecosystems in Nayarit

A wide variety of ecosystems await you in this beautiful region.

Nayarit is one of the smallest states in Mexico, but it’s also one of the richest in biodiversity. The wide variety of ecosystems found in the region, such as tropical jungle, mangroves, oak and pine forests, and the Pacific coast, give rise to a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Discover the biodiversity of Nayarit


From Mexico’s longest beach, stretching 82 km in length and 50 meters wide (El Novillero), to one of the world’s most beautiful according to NatGeo (Playa Escondida), Nayarit’s beaches on the stunning Pacific Ocean come alive with shallow bays, golden sand, and hillsides that slope down to the sea.

One of the favorite destinations in our state, which hosts exclusive hotels and magical towns, is undoubtedly the most enriching jewel of the region.

playa sayulita


The marshes of Nayarit stand out as an ecological treasure of unparalleled importance for the country. These vast expanses of wetlands are not only a sanctuary for a variety of migratory bird species but also play a crucial role in the ecological balance of the region.

The marshes serve as a natural filter to purify water, protect against floods, and provide vital habitat for wildlife. Additionally, they are a popular tourist destination that attracts nature lovers and scholars from around the world.

The preservation and conservation of Nayarit’s marshes are essential to ensure the health and well-being of both local communities and the ecosystem as a whole. Their significance transcends state borders, serving as a living reminder that natural wealth needs to be preserved across Mexico and the world.

panga en manglar la tovara


Thanks to the majestic Sierra Madre Occidental, Nayarit is a state of mountains and volcanoes, such as Sangangüey, guardian of the city of Tepic, and the imposing volcano Ceboruco in the municipality of Jala. This mountain range gives life to immense forests that are found in the highest regions of the state. The flora of these forests is composed of trees such as oak, pine, madrone, and tepehuaje. Many herbs, shrubs, and lichens can also be found in these forests.

An excellent option for adventure lovers, as there are various hiking, mountaineering, climbing, and walking routes.

biodiversidad bosque


The tropical jungle is one of the most important ecosystems in Nayarit. It is found in the coastal and low-lying regions of the state. The flora of the tropical jungle is highly diverse, consisting of tall trees, climbing plants, epiphytes, and ferns. Some important tree species include cedar, mahogany, rosewood, breadfruit, and rubber tree.

Often, this ecosystem meets the sea in Nayarit, giving our Riviera a unique and eccentric touch, full of biodiversity and natural beauty in the surroundings.

biodiversidad selva
Nayarit has it all. Remember the importance of protecting our ecosystems for future generations.
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