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Meet the mystical Jaguar Man and his story

Meet the mystical Jaguar Man and his story

Jaguar Man is a mystical animal. Created by God as an example of goodness, strength, courage, mystery and as a defender against dangers.

Once on earth, God put part of his spirit inside the Jaguar, giving it supernatural strength to monitor what was happening on earth.

His beautiful coat, strength and charisma made him a leader of the land. For this reason, the Náyari began to worship him, so that he would remain on earth and give them strength comparable to their own.

For this reason, when traditional festivals are held, within the ancestral prayers they make a special call to the Náyari Jaguar.

So that it carries the message to the gods and the elements of nature to continue blessing the earth and protecting the native peoples from dangers, adopting the jaguar as a symbol of protection and humility.