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Mexcalti; A Wixarica legend

Mexcalti; A Wixarica legend

The Wixárika elders say that long ago their people suffered from diseases, droughts and hunger. Concerned, they gathered four hunters and sent them in search of food.

During their search, they saw a blue deer jumping. Despite their attempts, they were unable to reach it. Suddenly, a hunter shot an arrow that fell into the deer, giving birth to peyote plants bright as emeralds.

Confused, they decide to take the plant that formed the figure of Mexcalti to the town. They show the plants to the elders, who distributed the peyote and never felt hungry or thirsty again.

Since then, the Wixárikas venerate peyote, Mexcalti and corn, as a guiding spirit that represents the being that gives life.

Annually, they make a pilgrimage to ask God for rain, food and health.