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Nayarit, a tropical paradise in the Mexican Pacific

Surf en el mar de Nayarit Sayulita, pueblos mágicos

Nayarit, a tropical paradise in the Mexican Pacific

A temperate, tropical and summer-ish weather prevails in the majority of the municipalities, especially in those along the coastal region, that extends all the way to the south, from the imposing El Novillero beach, to Bahía de Banderas...

For locals, Nayarit’s weather is beneficial in terms of tourism, for visitors recreation and fun ensues. Due to its vast multitude of micro-climates, our state maintains pleasant temperatures throughout the entire year.

It’s location makes the Nayarit territory a privileged place that experiences permanent summer, with a friendly decrease in temperatures in the afternoon, but never falling to extreme cold or rising to taxing heat.

escalada en un lago

According to the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI in spanish), 91.5% of the state’s territory has warm subhumid climates, while the other 8.5% hosts the mountains and the south-southeast, with dry and subhumid regions.

This and the sun-filled beaches is why the winter season sees the greatest demand for hotels. Nayarit is one of the favorite destinations both domestically and internationally.

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