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Playa de sayulita

Practice surf on the Nayarit coast, these are the best spots

Surfista contemplando el atardecer

Practice surf on the Nayarit coast, these are the best spots

Along its 307 km of coastline, Nayarit offers the opportunity, on some of its beaches, to practice one of the most exciting and complete sports in the world: surfing.

Throughout the world, surfing is characterized as a sport that requires the right conditions to be carried out, but what makes a beach the best place to surf is, without a doubt, its waves.

In Latin America, Mexico is a country that has the perfect conditions for surfing, and Nayarit is the crown jewel, as it has more than one place to ride the board and challenge the waves.

It is well known that the Riviera Nayarit offers unique destinations, in which the ancient and the modern merge, where nature shows its incomparable beauty and where the adventure is best lived as a paradisiacal opportunity.

Chico practicando surf

For lovers of this extreme water sport, the Nayarit coasts present options with different attractions and for all tastes. Punta Mita is located on the Bahía de Banderas peninsula, a place with perfect waves for surfing. Here we can find various options, such as the beaches of:

Anclote, perfect for beginner longboards; Punta Burros, with waves suitable for all types of boards; and La Lancha, ideal for apprentices and intermediates. Winter and spring have the best conditions, but in general Punta Mita has the best waves that can be found in Nayarit.

Tablas de surf

From here, traveling north along the coast, surfers can enjoy other wonderful destinations that also offer a gastronomic and cultural repertoire you can’t miss. This is the case of Sayulita, a Magical Town in Nayarit where the colors of its streets and the parties and gatherings that are experienced daily, are the perfect complement to ride the waves.

A few minutes away is San Pancho, a town where surfing is also practiced constantly. Following the road there are other options such as the beaches of Chacala and San Blas.

Chica practicando surf

Nayarit is a paradisiacal territory with unparalleled richness, where surfers can enjoy unique beaches and the best destinations in the world to practice this sport and let themselves be carried away by the emotion and adrenaline.