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Laguna Santa maría del oro

Santa Maria del Oro Lake, a window to flavor and mysticism

Kayak en la laguna

Santa Maria del Oro Lake, a window to flavor and mysticism

Just 20 minutes from the capital of Nayarit, within the crater of a volcano lies the Santa María del Oro Lake, a place full of legends and a must-visit in Nayarit.

Located in the heart of Nayarit, Santa Maria del Oro Lake holds secrets and myths surrounding it, making it one of the favorite tourist destinations for family outings, whether in its gastronomic or adventure mode.

Laguna Santa maría del oro

What to eat?

When it comes to flavor, the traditional fish cracklings can be savored at any of the restaurants located around the paradisiacal lagoon, where you can also enjoy capirotada all year round.

Chicharrón de pescado

¿What to do?

You can spend the night at a boutique hotel or camping under the stars. Additionally, you can enjoy water activities such as kayaking or a boat ride.

“What makes the place special is the traditional and homely touch, which makes visitors feel part of the environment and allows access to its waters every day of the year. Furthermore, these waters change color between blue and turquoise, depending on the season of the year.”

Despite all this, one of the main attractions of the mystical Santa María del Oro Lake is the legends that circulate around it.

Its bottom is difficult to determine, which has led to oral storytelling about a princess, a dragon, a church, and even the crater of a volcano as the origin of this site, which is undoubtedly one of the must-visit stops in Nayarit.


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