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The Marietas Islands: a hidden archipelago for love

vista aérea de las islas marietas

The Marietas Islands: a hidden archipelago for love

The Marietas Islands, also called Marietas Islands National Park, are located 9.5 km southwest of the Nayarit coast and are made up of a couple of islands, islets and rocks, all originating from volcanic activity.

This Mexican archipelago hid a unique and hypnotizing attraction for a very long time, it is known as “Love Beach” or “Hidden Beach” and it went viral on social networks for a famous photograph in which you can see a rocky vault with a circular opening in the center.


Said picture increased visits to the destination so much that in 2016 the park had to close down to the public due to the excessive influx and the severe damage this caused to the flora and fauna of the place. However, it is currently open for visits, as long as environmental conservation protocols are followed.

We recommend you to hire tourist services through Vallarta Adventures, Tripadvisor or from their website https://islasmarietas.com.mx/. They have certified guides who offer the opportunity to visit the islands, in addition to excursions, snorkeling and diving with ecotourism professionals.

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