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Xalisco Nayarit

A place on the surface of Nayarit called Xalisco

Catedral de Xalisco

A place on the surface of Nayarit called Xalisco

It is, nowadays, a municipality with significant economic activity. Its proximity to Tepic has led it to be part of the Tepic Metropolitan Area, which has nearly half a million inhabitants in an area of just 74 square kilometers.

The Free and Sovereign State of Nayarit has a total of twenty municipalities. One of these, in its own name, reveals the not-so-distant past of this region, which in the early 20th century was still annexed to Jalisco under the term of Seventh Canton.

Much in common

In cultural terms, Nayarit and Jalisco share many common traits. The controversy surrounding the origin of mariachi music is well-known, with some asserting that it originated from Cocula and spread worldwide, while others place its traditional foundation in the lands of Nayarit.

Whatever the truth behind all this may be, we cannot ignore the fact that just minutes away from the state capital lies the second most populous city. Its name, etymologically, leads us to the meaning of: ‘place on the surface of Jal’…isco.

Curiously, it retains the pre-Hispanic X, from those times when the Lordship of Xalisco was settled throughout the Matatipac Valley.

Xalisco has its own identity

Among its main tourist attractions is the traditional Corn Festival, celebrated on August 15th, which gathers crowds of people in its Historic Center for a night of revelry and joy like no other.

Likewise, from this municipality originate true Nayarit emblems: the Huichol Sauce and the powerful Vaqueros Musical band.