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Nayarit has two impressive lagoons

Paisaje y alberca en la laguna de samao nayarit

Nayarit has two impressive lagoons

Enjoy the mystical beauty of the lagoons in Nayarit, where nature invites you to immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and biodiversity.

Santa María del Oro

Santa María del Oro, just half an hour from Tepic, is one of the lagoons in Nayarit. Its crystal-clear waters turn turquoise once a year. Surrounded by hills, it offers eco-friendly lodging options, water activities, and a variety of restaurants where you can try the traditional fish chicharrón, a local specialty that will fascinate you.

Laguna Santa maría del oro

San Pedro Lagunillas

One hour from Tepic is the beautiful town of San Pedro Lagunillas, with its majestic lagoon that lives up to its name. Its turquoise waters offer a tranquil environment for boating. You can enjoy dishes based on fresh fish at typical restaurants along the lagoon and visit the picturesque boardwalk in Tepeltitic for stunning sunsets.

Lagunas en Nayarit - San Pedro Lagunillas

Furthermore, it offers a Glamping option, learn about it here: https://visitnayarit.travel/en/blog-nayarit-en/glamping-by-the-lagoon-a-new-eco-tourism-experience/.

In both places, enjoy activities such as camping, swimming, observing flora and fauna, as well as boat rides, fishing, and hiking.

Come and immerse yourself in the beauty of the lagoons in Nayarit, you won’t regret it.

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