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playa novillero

Total Solar eclipse to be visible in Nayarit

eclipse total de sol

Total Solar eclipse to be visible in Nayarit

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun and completely blocks it, casting a shadow on our planet that turns day into night.

Just like in 1991, this year we will have a total solar eclipse, it will occur on April 8th and will be visible in the three North American countries: Mexico, the United States, and Canada; however, our country will have the best weather conditions for observation and the duration of the total eclipse phase will be longer in Mexico.

mapa trayectoria eclipse solar abril 2024

Therefore, the scientific community in Mexico regards this event as the Great Mexican Eclipse.

When and where to observe the total solar eclipse?

While the states with the greatest visibility or complete visibility of the natural phenomenon will be Sinaloa, Coahuila, and Durango, in Nayarit, municipalities like Acaponeta, Tecuala, and Huajicori will experience a 99.8% magnitude, while in the capital city of Nayarit, it will be 96.6%.

mapa trayectoria eclipse solar abril 2024

The eclipse will last for approximately two hours, starting around 9:50 in the morning, with its maximum totality at 11:07 am Pacific Time.

Additionally, the Autonomous University of Nayarit, together with the Secretariat of Research and Postgraduate Studies of UAN, will set up observation points in the northern municipalities. Similarly, in Tepic, the Xúirave Astronomy and Science collective will have its point at the UAN esplanade.

Likewise, it is expected that thousands of people will arrive at El Novillero Beach to enjoy this natural phenomenon, just as it happened 33 years ago.

playa novillero
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